I would love to change the world but I don't have the source code.

I'm a Software Development Manager with 8 years of experience as a Software Developer and 7 years as a Desktop Support Tech. I have an A.A.S in Electronic Technology and I'm currently taking classes part time to finish my B.S. in Digital Forensics. I love creating software but I'm also interested in cyber security and look forward to getting more involved in that.

Outside of my regular job, I also created and maintain the carpool/vanpool management app Commute Together. You can find out more about it at commutetogether.com.

When I'm not creating software or learning cyber security I enjoy spending time with my wife and children, watching shows/movies, nature & wildlife photography, hiking, Jazzercise, playing pickleball, kayaking, bicycling, and sitting by a fire drinking whisky, wine, or some other beverage with friends. 

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